Table 3.

Boltzmann fits to F-V curves

Channel variantA1B1C1A2B2C2D
L689I DI0.530.0167715.012.810.1601137.7−2.04
L689I DII0.160.000036.071.040.070728.4−0.19
L689I DIII0.740.000016.580.410.000212.9−0.19
L689I DIV0.210.0000014.230.870.007518.0−0.11
  • For F-V curves, two Boltzmann functions fit the curve well: Embedded Image In each case, only one Boltzmann described voltage dependence above −100 mV. To derive the steady-state activated probability for modeling purposes, A was set to 1 and D to 0. The values predicted by this normalized function were used to calculate the steady-state occupancy. Channel variant abbreviations as in Table 1.