Table 2

Gating Charge Reduction at Low Ionic Strength

Percent planar expectationPercentintracellular effectPercent extracellular effect
241.78.7 ± 3.56
122.516.1 ± 2.94
281.52.3 ± 1.44
162.13.2 ± 1.23
  • Summary of the charge reductions produced by the reductions of internal or external ionic strength (S). The planar expectation is the reduction of potential for the indicated value of S calculated with Formula 7 for a given pair of values of S as Δf(318) − Δf(S) for the internal effects of S; and as Δφ(325) − Δφ(S) for the external effects, where Δf = φa- φe. Here φa and φe are the potential at the apex of the internal cavity and at the base of the external cavity, respectively. The values of the reduction are the mean ± SEM The value n is the number of experiments.