Sequences of the Gramicidins Used in this Study

gA with 7-residue eda tail(gA)-γAba-G-A-G-A-G-A-eda
gA with 7-residue ea tail(gA)-γAba-G-A-G-A-G-A-ea
gA with 13-residue ea tail(gA)-γAba-G-A-G-A-G-A-γAba-G-A-N-G-A-ea
15-residue-linked tandem gA[(gA)-γAba-G-A-G-A-G-βAla]2-K*-G-P-A
23-residue-linked tandem gA[(gA)-γAba-G-γAba-A-γAba-G-γAba-G-A-G-βAla]2-K*-G-P-A
  • The underlined residues are D-amino acids. f, formyl; ea, ethanolamide; eda, ethylene diamine; γAba, γ-aminobutyric acid; βAla, β-alanine. The ethanolamide in gA is absent in the analogues with single-ended tails or linkers, as each W15 is attached to the first γAba of the tail or linker.