Values of Parameters Used by the Release Flux Algorithm and Simulations

Fluo-3:Ca ON rate, 107 M−1s−
Fluo-3:Ca OFF rate, s−133333333
EGTA:Ca ON rate, 107 M−1s−
EGTA:Ca OFF rate, s−12222
Trop:Ca ON-rate, 107 M−1s−10.570.570.570.57
Trop:Ca OFF-rate, s−111.411.411.411.4
ATP:Ca ON-rate, 107 M−1s−115151515
ATP:Ca OFF-rate, 104 s−13333
ATP:Mg ON-rate, 107 M−1s−10.1950.1950.1950.195
ATP:Mg OFF-rate, s−1195195195195
Glut:Ca ON rate, 107 M−1s−125252525
Glut:Ca OFF rate, 104 s−12,5002,5002,5002,500
Parv:Ca ON-rate, 107 M−1s−112.512.512.512.5
Parv:Ca OFF-rate, s−
Parv:Mg ON-rate, 107 M−1s−10.0030.0030.0030.003
Parv:Mg OFF-rate, s−13333
Maximum pump rate, mM s−
[Troponin], mM0.240.2400.24
[Parvalbumin], mM1101
[Pump sites], mM0.240.2400.24
[EGTA], mM1111
[ATP], mM5555
DCa, 10−7 cm2s−135353552.5
Dfluo, 10−7 cm2s−12623
DATP, 10−7 cm2s−114141421
Dglut, 10−7 cm2s−118181827
Dparv, 10−7 cm2s−
DEGTA, 10−7 cm2s−10.360.360.360.54
  • Parv, parvalbumin. Trop, troponin. Glut, glutamate. [Ca2+] was 0.1 μM. [Mg2+] was 1 or 0.3, depending on the experiment.