FRET Model Parameters

StoichiometryProbability of forming CnY4 – nEffective FRET efficiency
(CnY4 − n)(Embedded Image)(Embedded Image)(Embedded Image)
CCCCEmbedded Image00
CCCYEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageE4
CCYYEmbedded ImageE2E2
CYCYEmbedded ImageE3E3
CYYYEmbedded ImageE4Embedded Image
YYYYEmbedded Image00
  • C represents a Cerulean-containing subunit; Y represents an eYFP- containing subunit; n, number of Cerulean-containing subunits; r, concentration ratio between C and Y. Embedded Image and Embedded Image, effective FRET efficiencies determined by either the decrease in Cerulean emission or the increase in eYFP emission, respectively.