Table 1. Residues relevant to gating ring function reported in the literature
Table 1.

Equivalent amino acid numbers are shown for A. californica (Aplysia Slo1), mouse (mBK), and human BK (hBK). Table rows are color coded according to residue location: S6 (red), Mg2+-binding site (orange), RCK1 Ca2+-binding site (gray), and Ca2+ bowl (blue). Sequence alignment was performed using the Clustal Omega tool from EMBL-EBI and the following protein sequences: A. californica high conductance calcium-activated potassium channel (GenBank accession no. AAR27959.1), Mus musculus mbr5 mslo (GenBank accession no. AAA39746.1), and Homo sapiens calcium-activated potassium channel subunit α-1 isoform b (GenBank accession no. NP_002238.2).

  • a Conserved residue.

  • b Nonconserved residue.