Table 1. Notation used in this study
Cacyto2+µMCalcium in the cytoplasm
CaER2+µMCalcium in the ER (SpApp)
Dµm2sDiffusion rate
BmµMMobile buffers
BfMol/(µm2 s)Fixed buffers
PDEPartial differential equation
ODEOrdinary differential equation
JxMol/(µm2 s)Boundary flux due to x
CBPµMCalcium-binding proteins (calcium buffers)
Vcytoµm3Volume of the cytoplasm excluding the SpApp volume
PMPlasma membrane
SpAppSpine apparatus
ECSExtracellular space
nµmScale factor to convert between volume reactions to boundary flux
nPMµmVolume-to-surface area ratio of the cytoplasm to the PM
nSpAppµmVolume-to-surface area ratio of the SpApp volume to the SpApp surface area
AUCIons/sArea under the curve
EPSPmVExcitatory postsynaptic potential
BPAPmVBack-propagating action potential
NMDARN-methyl-D-aspartate receptor
VSCCVoltage-sensitive calcium channel
PMCAPlasma membrane calcium ATPase
NCXSodium–calcium exchanger