Table 1. Statistics comparing the 12 months before Reviewer Equity was implemented (August 1, 2017–July 31, 2018) to the 12 months following (August 1, 2018–July 31, 2019).
% F among all reviews21.634.8
% papers with F reviewers49.278.0
% F senior authors17.626.8
Average # reviews per male reviewer1.81.8
Average # reviews per female reviewer1.82.0
% young investigators among all reviews13.411.9
Days from editor assignment to reviewers secured (all manuscript types)3.12.4
Days to first decision after review (original research)32.631.8
Days to first decision after review (all manuscript types)2318.4
Acceptance rate (original research)50.555.0
# original research manuscripts reviewed129102

F, female. Gender identity was determined through first-hand knowledge or Google image searches with no attempt made to identify nonbinary individuals. Individuals whose gender presentation was unknown and whose image could not be found constituted <5% of the reviewer population and were excluded from analysis.